Happy Egg


Happy Egg, the free-range egg company known for its sunny-side-up branding, wanted to create a virtual treasure hunt using augmented reality. To boost brand love and build engagement, customers could scan the QR code on Happy Egg cartons and would be transported to Happy Island where they could hunt for different prizes from Happy Egg merch to kitchen appliances.

  • Agency Collaboration
  • Consultation for Merch Integration in Digital Campaign
  • Prizing Structure Strategy
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Merch Strategy & Design
  • Product Development & Sourcing
  • Production & Logistics
  • Fulfillment

The cult-worthy brand needed a trend-savvy merch strategist to plan, consult, forecast, create, and deliver a merch experience straight to the hands of happy fans. superdeluxe not only delivered the goods but built a brand-worthy experience that made the merch shine!