Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry

The Pro Shop

When you walk into Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, you’re not just entering a store; you’re stepping into a storied legacy. Established in 1987, Blakeman’s decided it was time for growth after more than two decades at its original location and began planning a temporary space that would preserve the quintessential Blakeman’s experience.

Renowned for offering prestigious, sought-after brands such as Rolex and David Yurman, the team was committed to ensuring that their interim locale mirrored the brand’s sophistication. This commitment led to the creation of the new Blakeman’s Pop-Up— an immersive sage green showroom that is both modern and nostalgic, designed around leisure, luxury, and legacy.


The Pop Up not only showcases dazzling diamonds and timeless timepieces but also introduces an exclusive collection of high-quality Blakeman’s branded merchandise, allowing customers and friends to take a piece of the legacy home.

To bring this vision to life, the superdeluxe team was enlisted to craft a bespoke merchandise collection for the “Blakeman’s Pro Shop” within the pop-up.

The resulting collection is nothing short of spectacular, featuring luxury items like premium embroidered crewnecks, engraved metal lighters, branded tennis balls, and specially packaged “No Cold Feet” bride and groom socks, complete with custom belly bands featuring the Blakeman family wedding photos.

The collection is further enhanced with custom tissue paper, foil-stamped kraft shopper bags, and nostalgic postcards depicting the Blakeman family heritage.

The Pro Shop collection created by superdeluxe has inspired a “must have” following resulting in incredible sell-through, immediate re-orders, and social media buzz.

The Blakeman’s Pop-Up Shop is a reflection on the brand’s rich history and a forward-looking venture into its bright future, crafting an experience that transcends mere shopping to become a journey through time.

  • Merchandise Design
  • Custom Packaging & Print
  • Product Development & Sourcing
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Production & Logistics