YBM Awards

For over twenty years, superdeluxe has created the most prestigious awards for Walmart, the largest company in the world by revenue and also the world’s largest private employer.

From the coveted Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award to the Distinguished Associate Award, to Store of the Year, we’ve proudly worked with Walmart’s Leadership and Special Events Team to design, produce, and deliver a custom award experience for Walmart’s largest gathering of over 7,000+ associates and managers at their annual YBM (Year Beginning Meeting).


The Walmart YBM awards are one of the most complex and comprehensive awards programs in the world. In addition, special recognition packages are crafted for each divisional and regional recipient which include original watercolor paintings of each store, a unique lapel pin replica of the watercolor painting, and handwritten thank you notes.

A successful awards program consists of conceptual design creation, recipient customization and proofing, and hand-by-hand logistics, giving each award and each recipient the care, honor, and attention they deserve.

We’re honored to create and deliver these coveted symbols of excellence, dedication, and hard work for Walmart’s most prestigious yearly gathering.